GTM #221 - X-Wing - Second Edition
by Fantasy Flight Games


From the skies of Scarif to the climactic clash above Endor, starfighters have played a pivotal role in almost every defining battle of the Galactic Civil War. Since its release, X-Wing™ has allowed players to recreate these thrilling battles on their tabletops, swooping into battle alongside iconic pilots like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Soon, your players will be able to enter a new era of interstellar combat in X-Wing Second Edition, a game of daring space combat for two players!


X-Wing Second Edition invites players to enter the Star Wars galaxy and command their own squadron of advanced starfighters in thrilling, tactical space combat. Following in the footsteps of the first edition, the second edition refines the intuitive and exciting core formula of maneuvering ships into position by placing a central focus on the visceral thrill of flying starships in the Star Wars galaxy. Three factions present unique strategies and ships to fly, and conversion kits allow players to bring their collection of first edition ships seamlessly into second edition. Finally, with the new squad builder app, players can customize their own squadron easier than ever before, getting them into the fight as quickly as possible.

Move to Attack Position

During an X-Wing Second Edition battle, players use their squadron’s unique capabilities to gain an advantage in the thick of combat. Each X-Wing ship flies differently, with its own set of maneuvers ranging from gentle banks to aggressive Koiogran turns. As in the game’s first edition, it’s necessary to use every ship to the fullest in order to strategically position ships.

As they move, players enter a tense duel where they are free to choose their plan of attack. In addition to its unique maneuver dial, each ship can perform an array of actions to get in the perfect position, deal more damage, or slip away from enemy ships.

Whether they choose to acquire a target lock or barrel roll out of an enemy’s firing arc, the actions that players take affect the course of the battle and determine the fate of their squadron.

Now, in the second edition of the game, players’ actions offer greater strategic depth than ever before. Some actions are red and induce stress when they are used. Other actions may be linked, allowing them to be chained together and push the limits of how a ship can handle in a dogfight!


Use the Force

The Force is an iconic part of the Star Wars galaxy, and some of the best pilots, including Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, have been able to use this energy source to push themselves—and their starfighters—to the limits.

Fittingly then, X-Wing Second Edition introduces Force powers into the game, giving Force-sensitive pilots an extra edge in the heat of battle. Pilots with the ability to exert their influence over the Force have Force charges that they can spend to perform awe-inspiring feats, far beyond the abilities of normal pilots.

At their most basic, these charges can be spent to improve a pilot’s aim or give them an extra push to avoid incoming fire. But when they’re paired with upgrade cards, Force-sensitive pilots become even more versatile. Upgrades that require Force charges can make Force-sensitive pilots more perceptive of their surroundings, give them supernatural reflexes, or even allow them to reach out and sense where their opponent will move next.

Ship to Ship

X-Wing is known for bringing starships from across the Star Wars galaxy to life in beautifully-detailed miniatures. On top of the T-65 X-wing and two TIE fighters included in the X-Wing Second Edition Core Set, the many X-Wing Second Edition expansions give players plenty of options for building a squadron that fits their playstyle.

Whether you prefer the versatile starfighters of the ragtag Rebel Alliance, the speed and overwhelming numbers of the Galactic Empire, or the unpredictability of the galaxy’s most wretched Scum and Villainy, all three factions will be represented at launch. New players can expand their collections with X-Wing Second Edition ship expansions while veterans can use each faction’s conversion kit to bring their collection of first edition ships into the game’s second edition.

Each conversion kit contains a massive array of second edition cards, tokens, and maneuver dials for the ships released in the game’s first edition. Between the conversion kits and the support offered by the X-Wing squad builder app, players have everything they need to completely customize a squadron at launch.

Man Your Ships

Once they’ve chosen a faction, it’s time for players to build their squadron. X-Wing Second Edition gives you a massive amount of freedom to select the ships, pilots, and upgrades that you want to fly. Ace pilots such as Luke Skywalker and Iden Versio bring special talents to the fray, giving them an advantage over other pilots. On top of the tricks that your pilots can bring to the battle, aces and rank-and-file pilots alike can upgrade their ships with modifications, secondary weapons, astromech droids, and special skills that add new variety and tactical depth to every game.


X-Wing Second Edition makes pulling all of these elements together into a squadron easy with the new squad-builder app and website. This squad-builder gives players full control over the pilots and upgrades in their squadrons. Rather than having ship and upgrade costs printed directly on cards as in the first edition of X-Wing, these point values and upgrade slots are now governed by the app. Additionally, the squad-builder tracks all point values and upgrade slots available to a ship at any time while explaining the rules of squad-point building and enforcing these rules so that players do not accidentally build illegal squads.

A New Beginning

A new day is dawning on the Star Wars galaxy as iconic starfighters enter epic combat. Experience the next era of interstellar Star Wars battles with X-Wing Second Edition!