GTM #216 - Star Wars: Legion — General Veers Commander & Snowtroopers Unit Expansions
by Fantasy Flight Games

“Imperial troops have entered the base!”

~ Echo Base officer, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back ~

The icy fields of Hoth seemed like a perfect place for the Rebellion to hide from the Imperial Navy — and for a time, they were. But the insult suffered from the destruction of the Death Star was too much for the Empire to simply brush aside. And just as they launched a deadly ground assault in The Empire Strikes Back, so, too, can players now bring the Battle of Hoth to their games of Star Wars: Legion with the General Veers Commander Expansion and Snowtroopers Unit Expansion.

~ Prepare for a Surface Attack ~

With the Star Wars: Legion Core Set alone, Imperial players could already field a fearsome army of Stormtroopers and 74-Z Speeder Bikes, led by none other than Darth Vader, himself. Still, with the release of these first expansion packs, the Galactic Empire gains new options for developing and diversifying their armies.

General Veers, the Imperial commander who spearheaded the walker assault on Echo Base, is a master of ground battle tactics, and in him the Empire finds a new commander to lead armies into battle. In Star Wars: Legion, an army can have up to two commanders, meaning that players could use Darth Vader, General Veers, or even both as the commanders of their forces in the battle to quash the Rebellion. Still, although he shares the rank of commander with Darth Vader, the two leaders could scarcely be more different.

Darth Vader is a terrifying force on the field of battle, using his lightsaber and his mastery of the Force to carve his way through Rebel battalions with ease. Though General Veers is certainly capable of holding his own in battle with his E-11 blaster rifle and his hand-to-hand combat training, he truly shines as an inspiration to the troops around him, prioritizing targets and taking aim before they fire, making every attack more powerful — an effect that’s compounded if he’s commanding mighty walkers like the AT-ST.

Along with the leadership that he brings to the field of battle, General Veers also has a significant influence on the outcome of your game. Every commander in Star Wars: Legion comes with three unique command cards, and by including General Veers in an army, players gain access to his personal command cards. Whether players are calling in an alpha strike from advancing walkers or harnessing the rigid power of Imperial discipline, the command and upgrade cards in this expansion help lead the Empire to greatness.

Of course, players won’t have to send General Veers into battle without a squad of Snowtroopers to back him up. Snowtroopers are hand-picked from the Galactic Empire’s finest troopers, outfitted with special gear to withstand even the harshest freezing environments, such as the ice plains of Hoth. Within the Snowtroopers Unit Expansion are seven unpainted, easily assembled Snowtrooper miniatures primed to form into a squadron and lead into battle.

Snowtroopers have similar abilities as Stormtroopers — including the same standard-issue E-11 blaster rifles. Still, there are some crucial differences between the Stormtroopers included in the Core Set and the Snowtroopers that players find accompanying General Veers. For one, the protective thermal gear worn by Snowtroopers is cumbersome, making them slower to cross the battlefield than a squad of Stormtroopers. Still, they’re able to make up for it with their steady advance, opening fire even as they advance towards enemy lines.

Another key difference are the heavy weapon troopers that join the Snowtroopers in battle. Stormtrooper squads are typically supplemented by soldiers wielding the DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle or the HH-12 rocket launcher, but Snowtroopers can target vehicles with their T-7 ion disruptor rifle — or use even more deadly forms of attack against infantry. In a freezing cold environment, few soldiers are wearing adequate protection against flames: a fact that the Empire’s flametroopers, commonly embedded within squads of Snowtroopers, are eager to test.

~ Make Landfall on Hoth ~

Imperial reinforcements are on their way—bringing the full assault power and tactics from one of the Empire’s greatest victories to your players’ tabletops. Invite your players to experience the Battle of Hoth with the General Veers Commander and Snowtroopers Unit expansion packs for Star Wars: Legion!