GTM #216 - Cover Story


Cover Story

Star Wars: Legion — General Veers Commander & Snowtroopers Unit Expansions

Landfall on Hoth! Bring the full assault power and tactics of the Empire’s greatest victories to your tabletop with two new expansion packs for Star Wars: Legion.

by Fantasy Flight Games


GTM #216 - Features


The Magic of Imagining! Take your first steps into a fantasy world on the brink of your imagination in Wardlings, Wizkids' new series of high-quality, exquisitely detailed, pre-painted miniatures.

by WizKids/NECA

The Mansky Caper – An Offer You Can't De-Fuse!

Dishonor Among Thieves! Work together, help yourself, and don't get blown up in Calliope Games' The Mansky Caper!

by Ken Franklin