GTM #246 - Cover Story
by WizKids


Cover Story


GTM #246 - Icons of the Realms - The Tower

As you journey through far off lands, your party comes across a mysterious tower in the unexplored wilds – are you brave enough to see what lies within? The Tower is the latest addition to WizKids’ celebrated Icons of the Realms line of Dungeons & Dragons miniatures! 

by WizKids




GTM #246 - Features


GTM #246 - Clank! Adventuring Party

The thieves’ guild is recruiting! Expand your merry band to six players
with Renegade’s Clank! Adventuring Party! 

by Renegade Game Studios


GTM #246 - Harry Potter: Hogwarts™ Battle
The Charms & Potions Expansion 


Trouble is brewing! Only by working together will you be able to protect the
Wizarding World in Harry Potter: Hogwarts™ Battle -
The Charms & Potions Expansion from The Op!

by USAopoly