GTM #244 - Cover Story
by WizKids


Cover Story


GTM #244 - Warlock 3D Tile System

WizKids proudly unveils their newest upgrade
to their fantastic RPG line: Warlock Tiles!

by WizKids




GTM #244 - Features


GTM #244 - Marvel HeroClix: Fantastic Four 

Continue celebrating the year of the Fantastic Four's return to HeroClix
with the Cosmic Clash starter set, booster brocks, and more! 

by WizKids


GTM #244 - Last Aurora - A Race Against Time in a 
Frozen Wasteland 


Scour the radioactive dust of the frozen north searching for survivors
in Last Aurora, the competitive racing and resource management game
from Ares Games and Pendragon Game Studios.

by Ares Games