by Mayfair Games

GTM #175 features exclusive promo-expansions for Bedpans & Broomsticks ["Crazy Closets"] and Whitewater ["Jutting Jetties"]

Click Here for a PDF of the complete rules for the expansions inserted in GTM #175.

by Mayfair Games

GTM #174 features exclusive promo-expansions for Hot Tin Roof ["Deluxe Catwalks"] and Patrician ["The Messengers"].

Click Here for a PDF of the complete rules for the expansions inserted in GTM #174.

by Mayfair Games

For nearly two years, Mayfair Games has published small, limited edition promo expansions. Each of these limited releases were tied into the most recent game release and two or more expansions for back list titles, beginning with Urbania, then Aeroplanes, and with every new non-Catan release since August of 2012.

Some of the great expansions included Aeroplanes - Charters; Whitewater - Cranky Beavers; Atlantis - Boats & Ikarus; Urbania - Subsidy Contracts; Rocket Jockey - Space Port; Steam - Five Way Town & City Growth Special Contracts; Giza - Fast Sleds; Nuns on the Run - The Anchorite & The Monk; Lords of Vegas - Skybridge; Catan - VP Markers; Giza - Distant Quarry; Monuments - History, Traders and Science; Zen Garden - Tea House & Tools; Family Business - Blood Brothers and Moll; Bacchus’ Banquet - Bad Gas; Road Rally USA - Dead Man’s Curve; Elf Fest - Log Jam; Ablaze - Feel The Heat; Five Points - Flophouse; Alchemist - All for One & Two For All; Global Mogul - Entrepreneur; Urbania - Catty Corner; Automobile - Chicken; Asgard’s Chosen - Artifact; Lords of Vegas - Mob-Union Support; and The Downfall of Pompeii - The Dancing Flames.

30 expansions for 24 different games! The folks who have received these products have been quite pleased. That said, we have searched far and wide for a method of distribution that will put so many more in the hands of players. The, suddenly, a bolt of lightning! The idea of inserting these expansions in Game Trade Magazine! We pitched it to Alliance and they were wildly receptive!

Thus, this very issue (GTM #173) - and, coincidentally, the first all-slick paper issue of GTM - will feature exclusive promo-expansions for Mad City ("The Capitol"), Station Master ("Flags & Whistles"), and Zen Garden ("Raked Sand").

Click Here for a PDF of the complete rules for the expansions inserted in GTM #173.

In the months ahead, look to GTM to bring you promo-expansions for more than a dozen of our most popular titles, like Asgard’s Chosen, Lords of Vegas, Steam, Alchemist, Global Mogul, Urbania, and Automobile. But, not just games for the dedicated gamer in your life. We will also be presenting new options for our classic family games such as Ablaze, Downfall of Pompeii, Road Rally USA, Elk Fest, Nuns on the Run, and Bacchus’ Banquet!

So look forward to the months ahead because now you will not only get the latest in gaming news and previews from GTM, but also exclusive expansions for new and classic Mayfair Games covering our most popular titles, along with brand-new favorites that will become staples of your gaming shelf!