GTM #188 - Family Business - "Kingpins of Crime" Rules Supplement
by Mayfair Games

Family Business pits mobsters against each other, all working to make sure theirs is the last family standing. When your gang members get placed on the Hit List, can your "Family Influence" save them? Will they "Take it on the Lam", seek "Police Protection", or perhaps up the ante with a "Double Contract"?

Click Here for a PDF of the "Kingpins of Crime" variant rules supplement for Family Business.

GTM #187 - Alibi Variant Rules
by Mayfair Games

Murder in the Big City! A crime has been committed and you must solve it. Who did it, and when? How was it done, where, and why? Just solving the crime isn't enough! Players need more than cold logic - they need clever strategy and good timing to outscore their opponents. Can you solve the mystery in this whodunit card game?

Click Here for a PDF of variant rules for Alibi!