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Got Game? Get GTM #210!

Greetings, dear readers!

Here it is – the July/August issue of Game Trade Magazine (GTM)!

Traditionally, the August issue is a pretty big deal around the ol’ GTM Bullpen – not only do we highlight the hot summer releases (pun intended), this is also the issue we tote to Gen Con for attendees!

That’s right! Attendees of this year’s Gen Con can swing by our booth (#118) for a FREE copy of GTM, plus cool swag we may have on hand, as well.  Of course, if you’re reading these words, that prospect may seem a bit superfluous, but, please, tell all of your friends! Perhaps they’re not as fortunate as you are and haven’t picked up a copy yet!

And, don’t fret – we have plenty of goodies for anyone unable to attend Gen Con this year, as well! Enclosed in this very issue you’ll find some pretty fantastic game promos like:

  • The Jester promo card from WizKids Games’ Fantasy Realms
  • The Fickle Fortune promo card for Fireside Games’ Castle Panic
  • A Basilisk Fang (!) promo card for the Hogwarts Battles Deck-Building Game by USAopoly
  • A three-pack of promo cards for Daily Magic Games’ Valeria
  • The Sugar Smashing bookmark for Steve Jackson Games’ Munchkin

That’s awesome stuff! Combine these wonderful promos with all of the great content you can expect from Game Trade Magazine and we’re looking at a pretty solid issue this month. 

Speaking of solid, handle with care — your August issue is 104-pages, so be sure to lift with your knees and not your back — we at GTM care about our readers!

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the excellent content, the enticing ads, and the sneak peeks of what’s coming soon to your FLGS.  Thanks for reading!

Game on!


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