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DC Comics Deck-building Game: Crisis Expansion Pack 1

Nobody Said It Was Going To Be Easy! In the Crisis Expansion for the DC Comics Deck-building Game, you will face some of the most epic challenges, events, and destructive forces in the history of comic-dom. But this time, you won’t be going in alone!

Designed for cooperative, competitive game play and utilizing eight team-themed Super Heroes, Impossible Super-Villains, and a set of 15 Crisis cards, players using Crisis must team-up to overcome these challenging events. However, if you prefer to keep your deck-building competitive, Crisis introduces a set of six all-new Super Heroes and a slew of new main deck cards to keep your games as hard-fought as ever! Play "Impossible Mode" to make competitive play even more hard-core!

DC Comics Deck-building Game: Crisis Expansion Pack 1

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DC Comics Deck-building Game Core Set

Batman! Superman! Wonder Woman! Aquaman! The Flash! Green Lantern! Cyborg! The Justice League of America is ready for action - are you? Fight the never-ending battle for truth, justice, and peace in the world's greatest super-hero universe with the DC Comics Deck-building Game!

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