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Dungeon Fighter & New Expansions

Once upon a time, toothless thugs and uneducated phonies roamed the kingdom, recounting false tales of their deeds and deceiving humble citizens into giving them money. In order to check the nefarious behavior of these false heroes, the king arrested and imprisoned them in various perilous dungeons throughout the realm. Those able to overcome the dangers lurking in these dimly lit caverns earn the right to be called heroes; those lacking true heroic prowess never again see the light of day!

Demonstrate your bravery and perform great deeds in Dungeon Fighter, a collaborative board game in which up to six players take on the role of self-proclaimed heroes seeking to escape from a dungeon full of gruesome monsters. As you navigate each level of the dungeon’s treacherous corridors, your heroic abilities will gradually develop, preparing you to encounter the Final Boss monster that guards the dungeon’s exit.


In this light-hearted game, your success depends on not only how and where the die lands, but also how well you can throw a die by bouncing it off your elbow, or with your eyes closed, or your back turned to the table. The added element of dexterity makes the game both challenging and amusing with every throw of the dice.

In every one of the dungeon’s gloomy chambers lurks a sinister and quirky monster, such as the Educated Orc, who threatens to clobber you with both his club and his intellect, or the Vocal Vampire, who would bite you if she could stop singing. You must attack and defeat every monster you encounter in order to move forward. The closer you get to daylight, the more ferocious the monsters become.

Even seemingly harmless monsters like the Cute Bear and the Annoying Drunkard may take more than one throw of the die to overcome. Then, once you’ve defeated a monster, you will have to choose which path to follow next. Do you pass through the room where players have to turn their backs to the table when they throw the die, or the room where the die must be spun instead of thrown? No matter which way you turn, unknown dangers await!

Make your way through the adventure of Dungeon Fighter and the new expansions Fire At Will and The Big Wave in order to prove yourself a hero and earn your dramatic victory pose!


SRP: $29.95

Dungeon Fighter: Fire At Will Expansion

The heroes of Dungeon Fighter gain the opportunity to play with fire in the Fire at Will expansion, as players attempt to navigate a burning cavern and combat flame-breathing monsters with flammable weapons and BBQ armor. Melissa, The Fire Sorceress joins the party of heroes as an expert in fire magic, and all heroes can use experience points to purchase new spells. Game board templates change the landscape of the target board, while props such as the firewall and the fire ring add new challenges to this light-hearted, dexterity-based board game. Fire at Will is the first expansion Dungeon Fighter.


SRP: $29.95

Dungeon Fighter: The Big Wave Expansion

Surf’s up in The Big Wave, the second expansion for Dungeon Fighter! The heroes, joined by the pirate Jack Parrot, travel to a fetid swamp and face-off against a host of beach-dwelling monsters. New equipment and power cards arm players with water magic to help them conquer The Great Cthulhu, while Water Elemental dice, new props, and new game board templates give players additional dexterity-based challenges.


SRP: $49.95

Dungeon Fighter

Dungeon Fighter is a fully cooperative board game for one to six players that combines dexterity, adventure, and a healthy dose of humor. Players take turns throwing dice at a colorful target board, often from several feet away. What's more, randomly drawn dungeon effects may dictate that a player must throw his die behind his back, with his eyes closed, under his leg, or under any combination of (often hilarious) restrictions. Keep a steady hand, a clear mind, and your team will emerge victorious!