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Castles & Crusades RPG: Codex Nordica


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Castles & Crusades RPG: Codex Nordica

With iron grips they held their ships at sea. Face to the wind, back to the mist, they cut the water in their dragon prow ships, bringing the song of death and plunder upon the backs of gods that rose from the maelstrom of eternity. With axe and sword, shield and spear, they rose as if from the ether and opened the world to a storm of primeval lust.

From Odin's Ravens to the Jotun fortress of Gymirsheim, the Codex Nordica plunges into the myths and cultures of the Vikings! Introducing a host of new wizardry and enchantments, as well as warrior gods and battle craft, this Castles & Crusades sourcebook explores the Nine Worlds of the northmen - the legends and myths, and the magical creatures, gods, heroes, giants, and monsters that peopled them.