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Zombies Keep Out! Night of the Noxious Dead Expansion

It's bodge or get bitten when a massive mob of zombies attacks the goblins workshop! Now it's up to you and the other bodgers to repel the undead or become a zombie's late-night snack!

Barricaded in your workshop, you and your goblin cohorts must rely on your mechanical expertise to construct the sometimes ramshackle but always maniacal machines you'll need to overcome the endless Leapers, Creepers, Runners, and Brutes trying to break down your doors.

Collect parts to build your machines as fast as you can, but don't get bitten, or you'll be left moaning and groaning as you join the horde and turn on your friends!


Zombies Keep Out! Night of the Noxious Dead Expansion

The goblin bodgers' workshop is on the verge of being overrun by a teeming mob of zombies, and now foul Stinkers have joined the ranks of the shambling dead! The stench of these vile zombies is so strong it practically glows, forcing even other zombies to keep their distance! Luckily, the bodgers have a stockpile of new parts to build canny new defense contraptions. That might be just what they need to make it through the night! This expansion for Zombies Keep Out! contains 10 Contraption cards, 15 Part cards, 10 Terrible Things cards, 15 Glow-in-the-Dark Stinkers, and a rules insert.

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Zombies Keep Out!

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