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The South Shall Rise Again!

"The South shall rise, and the North will follow fast upon its heels. Two titans will battle for this Nation, and they will not be, as the President had hoped, the “better angels of our nature.” Death will walk the land and not one of us will know peace, not even in the grave."

~ Private John Picket, in a letter home, Taunton, MA, June, 1861 ~

Crawl out of the trenches and rise to glory, or die trying - again! Based on the alternate history of author S.M. Cross' The South Shall Rise, The South Shall Rise Again! allows players to alter the course of a fractured United States, increasingly menaced by Confederate zombie soldiers (Zebs), and the dangerous Revenants and Glorious Dead that await you. Featuring four unique and challenging scenarios, The South Shall Rise Again! is a game of tactical combat set during the American Civil War, where those within the Confederacy take a terrible risk to use the dead as reanimated soldiers.

The South Shall Rise Again!