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Get Lucky - The Kill Doctor Lucky Card Game

A Victorian mansion. Fifteen craven killers. One crazy old man. He's hard to kill, as his name suggests. But his luck can't last forever!

Capturing all the flavor of the original board game, but with some wicked, new twists, Get Lucky, a fast-playing card game adaptation of James Ernest's award-winning board game Kill Doctor Lucky, each player controls two characters, and Doctor Lucky visits every character in order.

When you've got the Doctor, you've also got the turn. Will you strengthen your characters, build your hand, swap characters with the Drawing Room, or make a murder attempt? As in the board game, Doctor Lucky's luck is played by the other players, and the old man is extremely hard to kill. Make enough murder attempts to wear him out, and you'll be the one to Get Lucky!

Get Lucky - The Kill Doctor Lucky Card Game

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