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Pathfinder: Deep Magic


SRP: $49.99

Pathfinder: Deep Magic

Featuring an Introduction by Margaret Weis and an all-new short story by Ed Greenwood, Deep Magic conjures the strangest, most wonderful, and most powerful arcane and divine magic around for your Pathfinder campaigns, including elemental-tinged dragon magic, mysterious ley-line magic, and spells for mythic heroes. Deep Magic also features rules for creating a wide array of magical symbols, as well as new glyphs and runes, plus offers details on new sorcerer bloodlines, oracle mysteries, incantations that grant powerful magic to non-casters, and ready-made spellcaster NPCs. Seek out hidden colleges and academies of lost lore. Learn new runes, glyphs, and incantations to crack open the walls of reality - or just bend them a bit.