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Rogue Agent

Rogue Agent

2048, Earth. The corrupt government has lost its grip on Rain City, a brooding metropolis where crime runs amok, despite patrolling police squads. This desperate battle has recently seen a new player: a secret agency of Bounty Hunters attempting to wrest control of the endless assaults on innercity life. Your task: Defeat and arrest criminals, defuse high-tech bombs that threaten to destroy city districts, and prevent assassins from completing their destructive path.

You are one of the members of this secretive brotherhood of justice. Are you ready to survive the crime waves in the big city and uncover the infiltrating Androids amongst your team that plan a revolt?

Rogue Agent is a tense, cyberpunk adventure game pitching players against underground networks.

SKU: PSI SG-8012

SRP: $59.95

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