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Daemon Dice Starter Set

In the halls of Hell, the daemon lords settle their differences like gentlemen. Which is to say, they send their minions to do battle for them, with the victor winning honor for its master! The most powerful lords keep stables with hundreds of daemonish minions - monsters bred or just stitched together for nothing but combat. Each daemon breed has its own special powers, or you can mix breeds to gain different edges. A fast-paced game of daemonish combat, players in Daemon Dice use custom dice to build their daemon and send it into battle for supremacy in the Infernal Arena.

Daemon Dice Starter Set

The Daemon Dice Starter Set includes 26 18mm, 6-sided custom dice, enough for two players to begin their diabolic battles: 13 assorted body parts for each of two breeds of daemon, Frost and Rot.


SRP: $19.95