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The Walking Dead Board Game: The Best Defense - Woodbury Expansion

In this cooperative board game, players take on the roles of Rick, Glenn, Daryl, Michonne, and other characters from the hit AMC series, The Walking Dead. The Survivors are on the hunt for Walkers and must defend four key Locations through 12 rounds of play in order to stay alive: The Farm, The Prison, The Town, and The Highway.

Using oversized Location tiles, the map board is built as play progresses each game, with a Resource deck of 25 cards (Equipment, Allies, Food, or Ammunition) placed at random Locations, further adding to the replayability. Each player trades off turns being the Leader, who decides where everyone goes in order to survive. However, you can defy the Leader's action...for a price! Will your team survive the endless hordes of Walkers? Featuring both a Beginning and Expert Player Mode, the goal of The Walking Dead Board Game: The Best Defense isn't simply to win - it's to survive!

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The Woodbury Expansion to The Walking Dead Board Game: The Best Defense brings a whole new challenge to an already desperate group of Survivors. The Survivors may now visit the Woodbury Location and take their chances with the Resource Deck there, but must also avoid The Governor or he'll gun down anything in his path! The Woodbury Expansion also allows up to six players to play, and introduces an alternate win condition.

The Walking Dead Board Game: The Best Defense - Woodbury Expansion

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The Walking Dead Board Game

Based on AMC's hit zombie television series, players in The Walking Dead Board Game assume the roles of their favorite characters from the TV series battling the Walkers to survive in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world. However, only the strong survive! The weak turn into walkers, and then turn against their former friends! The Walking Dead Board Game includes two scenarios: "Team Game" and "Survival Mode" - ever-dwindling resources make every decision "life or death", and as the supplies run out, the tension ramps up!

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