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Descent Journeys in the Dark Second Edition: Shadow of Nerekhall

Decades ago, the forbidden magical study of Nerekhall’s scholars extended beyond the realm’s capacity for tolerance. A noted mage, Gargan Mirklace, was driven mad by his experiments with the Aenlong and the Ynfernael, and unleashed demonic forces that sent much of Terrinoth spiraling into chaos. Nerekhall’s recovery from its troubled past has been remarkable, and officials insist that all is well within its borders. The Daqan Lords are not so trusting, however, keeping a close eye on the city and threatening swift retribution should Nerekhall ever allow such darkness to rise again…

 In Shadow of Nerekhall, a deluxe expansion for Descent Journeys In The Dark 2nd Edition, you and your fellow heroes travel to Nerekhall, a thriving town with an evil reputation, where you must determine whether the shadow of the past has truly vanished. There, you’ll find unnatural events occur almost daily, but are outside forces infiltrating the city, or is the city itself rotten to the core?

The Shadow of Nerekhall expansion relates a riveting story, divided into nineteen new quests that you can play individually or string together in a campaign. Along the way, you’ll encounter deadly monsters and traps. Fortunately, four new heroes offer their services, bringing powerful new items and a new class for each hero archetype. With this new expansion, it’s up to you to uncover the truth behind the walls of Nerekhall.

Descent Journeys In The Dark 2nd Edition: Shadow of Nerekhall Expansion


SRP: $59.95