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Mage Knight: Resurrection


A full fantasy miniatures line utilizing the Combat Dial System game platform it pioneered, Mage Knight: Resurrection features 25 miniatures pulled from all corners of the Mage Knight universe. Each figure incorporates SwitchClix technology, and includes two dials (one designed for the Mage Knight 2.0 rules and a second HeroClix P.A.C.-compatible dial). 

Mage Knight: Resurrection is offered in Campaign Starter Sets containing six figures sporting unique dials, a Core HeroClix Rulebook, a HeroClix Powers and Abilities Card, and exclusive maps and tokens, as well as individual boosters packed in 24-count Gravity Feeds.

24 -count Gravity Feed

SKU: WZK 71051


Campaign Starter Set

SKU: WZK 71053