GTM #208 - Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King's Quest
Reviewed by Thomas Riccardi

In this ancient land, over a thousand years ago, there was a hero named Valandor. This mighty hero fought in many battles — but, alas, gave up his own life in the protection of others. Many are alive today due to his selfless actions. Now, a storm is brewing on the horizon. The disgraced wizard, Mortibris, has defiled sacred sites that honor Valandor while searching for the key to the fallen hero’s power. Four heroes have been called from the far reaches of the realm to combat this new evil before it’s too late. This is the world of Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest from Mantic Games!

A standalone game for two to five players, Dungeon Saga is packed full with everything you’ll need to get started. There are a total of 24 miniatures, divided up into 18 minions (skeletons, zombies, and other undead nasties), four heroes (Orlaf the Barbarian, Rordin the Dwarf Fighter, Danor the Human Wizard, and Madriga the Elf Ranger), and four bosses (the aforementioned Mortibris, a Necromancer; and Grund, an Undead Dwarven King; Elshara, a Banshee; and Hoggar, a Zombie Troll Shaman). Each of these miniatures are already pieced together, ready to be primed, painted, and played out of the box. In Dungeon Saga, up to four players can take control of the heroes, while a single player manages the overlord (who controls the monsters and bosses of the dungeon).

Also included are dungeon furnishings that give flair to the dungeon, like Doors, Chests, Crypts, and Bookcases, and tiles that clip together depending on the adventure you select from the quest book. Each of these adventures string out into a campaign that can be played over a few sessions. There’s also counters, cards, hero and boss cards that display all the stats of each character, as well as dice and a short and long range ruler.

Three books are contained within: a complete rulebook, a quest / campaign book, and a quickstart guide (which I encourage you to read first). The rules are easy to pick up as each of the values are listed on your hero’s card. During each turn, the hero can move up to his movement allowance as noted on their card. They can also perform actions such as fighting, shooting, or casting spells, which are resolved by rolling dice (which also may decrease if the hero is injured). Once the amount of dice are rolled, the results are compared against the target’s armor value and anything equal to or less are immediately discarded. Hits are determined by taking the highest dice (offense) and matching it against your opponent’s highest ones (defense). For example: The hero rolls a five and a four (9); he compares it with the overlord’s three and four (7), which results in two hits. The more hits you inflict on an enemy the greater the effect.

In regards to packaging, Mantic housed all of the components in a box resembling an ancient tome, with the sides and spine inscribed with ancient script. A nice touch are two cardboard dividers, which makes it easier to store the miniatures, as well as a tiny magnet to keep the tome shut until you’re ready for the next adventure.

Dungeon Saga contains an epic storyline that can be played over a few nights and comes with some highly detailed miniatures that any tabletop gamer would love to include in their collection. For more information on this and other games head over to www.manticgames.com and get ready to enter the dungeon.

Fast Facts:

  • Number of Players: 2-5
  • Time: 30 to 90 minutes
  • Age: 13+
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