GTM #201 - Zombicide: Black Plague
Reviewed by Thomas Riccardi

Once the village was a quiet place to rest on your journey, and maybe get a bite to eat or something to drink. But that is all a distant memory when the necromancer came — followed by his horde of zombie legions! These creatures have completely overrun the town… but, all is not lost as there are six survivors that are looking to turn the tide. But, will they have the strength to take down these horrid, undead abominations? This is the unsettling setting of Guillotine Games’ Zombicide: Black Plague.

Unlike its predecessor Zombicide, Black Plague is set in a fantasy realm of elves, dwarves, and magic. Here, you’ll take on the role of one of six survivors, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The choices are Baldric (an adventurer with mystical powers), Clovis (a paladin struggling to do the right thing), Samson (a dwarven blacksmith), Nelly (a tavern wench looking for payback), Silas (an elf seeking to bring a swift end to the undead), and Ann (a nun wanting to cleanse the world of the undead). Each of these characters comes with a character card and starting equipment, with a handy plastic tray to keep track of it all.

Once the scenario is selected and the tiles laid out play can begin. During each turn, each character can perform three of these actions which are the following:

  • Move: You can move your character one zone (space) as long as there is nothing hindering your movement.
  • Open a door: In order to search the buildings, you need to open a door first. This requires a melee weapon equipped, but be prepared as there might be zombies hiding inside of that hovel.
  • Search: This can only be performed inside of buildings and you are searching for an item that you can use in combat.
  • Reorganize/Trade: If you share a zone with another character, you can trade items to that character in order to assist them.
  • Combat: You can perform an enchantment, ranged, or melee attack on the undead only if you have the proper item equipped. Each of the weapon cards has a value on how many dice you can roll, what you need to hit, and how much damage you inflict. If you inflict more damage than a zombie has hits it is removed from play.
  • Enchantment: Being able to cast a non-combat spell during your phase. These spells have a various number of effects — from healing to invisibility — and can turn the tide in a close fight.
  • Take or Activate an Objective: Using one of your points to activate an objective in that zone.
  • Do Nothing: You can also choose to do nothing, but any remaining actions you might have will be forfeit.

This box is jam-packed with tons of items that are very well crafted. The map tiles and cards are lavishly illustrated and the miniatures are the star of the box. This core set comes complete with the six survivors, as well as 65 zombie miniatures, which range from normal walkers, fast runners, and obese fatty’s to the powerful necromancer and the ungodly abomination. The attention to detail on each of these miniatures is simply amazing!

But, that’s not all! There’s an expansion to Zombiecide Black Plague Wulfsburg. This excellent addition to the game not only brings in four new survivors (Morrigan, Karl, Theo, and Ariane), but also introduces a new terror that stalks the lands… zombie wolves! These ‘Wolfz’ are faster and fiercer than the runners and hunt in coordinated packs. Bringing up the rear is the undead ‘Wolf-bomination’ which is a mighty foe that needs to be brought down. There are also new magical weapons, as well as towers that can be introduced into the terrain. You can unleash ranged attacks from atop these battlements giving your forces the edge in combat. Both of the sets can be combined to make one massive campaign to be played over the course of a few hours.

If you love fantasy, horror, and the zombie genre, then you need to pick up Zombicide: Black Plague. With easy-to-learn rules, beautifully illustrated components, and highly detailed miniatures, this is a game that everyone should at least check out. For more information on this and other products head over to https://zombicide.com and get ready to drive back the forces of the undead!

  • No. of Players: 1 to 6
  • Age: 10+
  • Time: 60-180 minutes
When not writing or playing games, Thomas Riccardi can be found in Sacramento preparing for the day when zombies, vampires, or aliens invade.