GTM #162 - Firefly: The Game — Exclusive "Artful Dodger" Promo Ship
by Gale Force Nine

In August 2012 Gale Force Nine surprised the gaming community with the release of Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery. Regarded as the surprise hit of Gen Con, Spartacus demonstrated the GF9 team’s ability to weave compelling gameplay mechanics with a strong theme to create an exciting and successful licensed product. At Gen Con 2013, GF9 will launch it’s highly anticipated second thematic offering, Firefly: The Game!

Here is a first look at some of the game components and design elements that make Firefly: The Game such a treat. Hardcore fans of the show will appreciate the faithful attention to detail and theme. Gamers will enjoy the compelling, challenging gameplay; varied goals and replayability. As a captain, your job is simple: Find a Crew, Find a Job, Keep Flying!

~ Find a Crew ~

Travel to different locations to handpick the best crew for your ship. Purchase equipment and customize your ship to be ready to meet the challenges ahead. Players compete with rival captains to secure the best crew for their ship. Going into a job unprepared may lead to disaster. Players have to make sure they have the right skills and gear to bust through anything that stands in the way of gettin’ paid.

~ Find a Job ~

Deal with contacts, reputable or not so, to secure desperately needed work and the promise of pay. Success proves your reputation and expands your dealing opportunities. Avoid morally questionable contracts or grab what ever work is offered. You do the job, you get paid. Whether you are looking for easy Alliance work from Commander Harken, shipping jobs from Amnon Duul, or more excitement and profit from Badger, Patience or Niska, there’s a job to suit any crew.

~ Keep Flying ~

Dodge bloodthirsty Reavers and evade Alliance patrols as you navigate the ’Verse, fighting to keep your crew safe and your ship shiny. Rival captains may be looking to hire away your crew or tip off the Alliance to your plans.
~ The Artful Dodge in GTM #162 ~

The Artful Dodger, included exclusively in the August issue of GTM, introduces a fifth playable ship to Firefly: The Game. The Artful Dodger is a modded Series III Firefly. It’s a nimble ship that starts with a faster drive core and has more space for crew.

With the addition of the Artful Dodger, you can play Firefly: The Game with up to five people. During game setup, pull a “Modified Radion Accelerator Mark II” drive core from the Osiris Supply Deck as the Artful Dodger’s starting drive core. With its faster core and higher crew capacity, captaining the Dodger means working less delivery jobs and focusing on riskier, more profitable crime jobs.
For more information: www.fireflyboardgame.com