GTM #198 - DC Comics Dice Masters: Green Arrow and The Flash
by WizKids/NECA

WizKids’ popular Dice Building Game, Dice Masters, designed by Mike Elliott and Eric M. Lang, is returning to stores this summer with DC Comics Dice Masters: Green Arrow and The Flash.

The Green Arrow and The Flash Dice Masters set focuses on the titular heroes, their allies, and their enemies. Take aim with Team Arrow members Diggle, Felicity Smoak, Roy Harper, and Speedy. Rush into battle with The Flash and his allies including the Teen Titans’ Cyborg and Static or Justice League members Doctor Light and Firestorm. Amanda Waller debuts in Dice Masters enlisting Deadshot and King Shark into the Suicide Squad to accompany her. Of course, traditional foes to Green Arrow and Barry Allen such as Merlyn, Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, and Gorilla Grodd are present in the over 40 characters to select from while building your next Dice Masters team. Whether you’ll pick your favorite theme of characters or use the perfect blend to crush your opponents, DC Comics Dice Masters: Green Arrow and The Flash will quickly become a Dice Masters favorite! Also, Dice Masters collectors will be excited to learn that this set will be the first to include a foil version of every card! Collect foils of your favorite characters, or bling out your favorite team!

A set featuring The Flash wouldn’t be complete without the keyword Fast. The Flash’s longtime enemy, Professor Zoom: Out of Time, is not only Fast, but he also makes certain he’s the fastest character on the field by making all opposing dice lose the keyword and are unable to gain it. Other keywords returning for the set include Overcrush and the new-to-DC keyword, Intimidate.

For players looking for new game mechanics, look no further than frequent partner to Green Arrow and The Flash, Hal Jordan. Hal Jordan: Rebuilding Coast City introduces the Crossover trait. Crossover characters require multiple energy types to purchase and gain the benefits (and drawbacks) of each energy type. In comic books, crossovers are an example of superheroes teaming up across titles, so expect crossover characters in Dice Masters to work well with others, especially of the same energy types. Crossover characters will give players who plan ahead and get some good rolls to unlock exciting new combos.

A subtype of Crossover characters are those that have Synergy. Synergy characters have abilities that can be activated during windows to use global abilities, but may only be used by a player controlling the character. Deathstroke: Lt. Colonel can be used to search for and roll an action die from your bag while Zatanna: Main Attraction may punish an opponent who has multiple fielded sidekicks.

Speed isn’t the only way to stay ahead of your opponent in battle. As Green Arrow learned on the mysterious island of Lian Yu, preparation and tactics are key. Impulse is an ability that rewards a player the moment they purchase a die from a card. Black Canary: Sonic Cry allows the player purchasing her to make a fielded character die unblockable until the end of turn. Combining Impulse with effects to reduce the Purchase Cost of your dice will help you seem like the fastest Dice Masters player alive!

Crossover characters like Jay Garrick: The Crimson Comet have the specialized version of Impulse known as Crosspulse. For a player to use Crosspulse, they’re required to purchase the character using only energy of that character’s type. Jay Garrick’s ability simulates sharing his speed with all of your fielded character by granting them all Fast.

Hal Jordan isn’t the only Lantern-powered hero who appears in the set. Debuting in Green Arrow and The Flash as super-rare cards are the powerful White Lanterns. Batman, Deadman, Sinestro, and Wonder Woman are all Crossover characters prepared to defend life itself in the DC Universe. But, players should be wary of White Lantern Sinestro: Destiny Awaits because the tyrant of Korugar will limit opponents’ access to energy. All in all, the White Lanterns will demonstrate something special players might never have guessed would be in Dice Masters! Furthermore, they’ll be shining EXTRA bright in foil!

Never-before-seen villains in Dice Masters appear exactly as you’d hope they would. Clayface: The Terror will be able to copy all the abilities of any Crossover character – yours OR your opponent’s! Giganta: Larger Than Life takes advantage of shrinking and growing to try and put Wonder Woman in her place. Depending on which version of Gorilla Grodd you choose, he may be the leader the Legion of Doom has been looking for, or take on all comers on his own. Clever players will find ways to slip these new villains in amongst the old to make their teams more diabolical than ever!

Competitive and casual Dice Masters fans alike are always looking for new ways to manipulate where their dice are to have the right blend of characters and energy. This set introduces some new ways to do that on Actions that are highly recognizable to DC Comics fans. First, Rip Hunter’s Chalkboard: “Only Zatara Can Reach The POINT” will allow players to immediately move a single die they purchase into their Prep Area, getting it ready for next turn. One of the most recognizable places in DC Comics also makes its first appearance in Dice Masters — S.T.A.R. Labs: Advanced Research. It has a Global Ability that will let players move two Sidekick dice out of their Used Pile, one to their Prep Area for next turn and another to their Field Zone for an immediate benefit!

DC Comics Dice Masters: Green Arrow and The Flash is the first stand-alone release of a Dice Masters Gravity Feed not tied to a Starter Set. Releasing this September, the set features 124 cards that are also mirrored as foils. So, head to your local game store to enjoy a Rainbow Draft or get together with friends to construct powerful teams of your favorite characters as seen in the comics and on TV.

GTM #197 - Hit Z Road
by Asmodee

My family and I just went on the most amazing road trip of all time! Dad said we would follow historic Route 66 all the way to Los Angeles. I’d never been to the West Coast before, so I was really excited!

~ Chicago ~

We packed up the van with all our stuff and our dog, Sparky. Mom and Dad planned to leave Sparky with our friend Mrs. Palmer, but when we got to her house, we noticed something really strange.

The Palmers’ door was unlocked, and a light was flickering on and off in the living room. The Palmers’ cat was dead, lying in a pool of blood — but that wasn’t the worst part. Mrs. Palmer raced into the living room and lunged at us! There was something wrong with her face. It was all gray, and half of her cheek was falling down. Dad knocked her back, and we all ran out to the van.

As Dad started the engine, we saw that the whole neighborhood was just like Mrs. Palmer, and they were all rushing toward us. Dad hit the gas hard, and I heard him say a bad word. Then we were racing off at top speed!  (I think we might have knocked down one or two of Mrs. Palmer’s neighbors with our van along the way.)

~ St. Louis ~

I met my new friend Timmy in St. Louis, while we were checking out the Gateway Arch. It looked really cool, and we wanted to take more photos, but the sick, gray people kept getting in the way.

Mom says they’re called zombies and, once they get the zombie sickness, they’re not actually people anymore. That’s why it was okay to break into the gun store and get guns and ammunition to shoot the zombies when they tried to get us. Anyway, Timmy had gone through some really tough times. His mom and dad had turned into zombies, so he had to run away. We decided he could come with us to L.A.

~ Amarillo ~

After driving for a long time and having to shoot some zombies when we stopped for gas in Tulsa, we made it to Texas. There’s a big Cadillac ranch in Amarillo, where the cars all stick out of the ground, and Mom and Dad wanted to stretch their legs, so we decided to visit.

That turned out to be a bad idea — the place was full of zombies! Mom and Dad ran out of bullets, and we had to fight them with Dad’s golf clubs. We almost got away, but one of them got Timmy. I tried to help, but I couldn’t. I miss Timmy.

~ Albuquerque ~

The further we drove, the more zombies we came across. Plus, there were thick green clouds in the air. I thought we would never see real people again! When we got to Albuquerque, though, we found a whole bunch of people that were happy we weren’t zombies either!

One of them was Emily. She was really pretty, except for a bite mark on her arm. We talked a lot while our families ate dinner together. I thought that Albuquerque would be the best place ever, but then Emily’s eyes turned milky white and she started snarling and biting at me, so we had to hit the road again.

~ Flagstaff ~

We were all pretty tired by the time we got to Flagstaff. To make things worse, our van was breaking down. Mom and Dad said we had a lot of desert ahead of us, and the zombies were getting worse than ever, so we needed a new ride. Luckily, after looking high and low, we found the best ride ever — an armored school bus! I decided to call it the Executor.

~ L.A. ~

After scavenging for more food and bullets in Kingman and Barstow — and fighting off more zombies — we finally made it to L.A.! All I can say is, “Wow!” I’d never seen the ocean before, and it’s really amazing. It’s so blue — well, aside from the part that we made red with zombie blood. But the rest of it is all blue, like, forever.

We met up with other survivors, like Tom, who’s teaching us how to make bullets. In between learning survival skills, I’m enjoying the rest of my summer break, relaxing on the beach. Plus, we had such a crazy adventure getting here that I’ve decided to make a game out of it...

~ About Hit Z Road ~

In Hit Z Road, the competitive zombie survival game by Martin Wallace, you and your friends race to reach the West Coast alive.  It’s everyone for themselves as players bid each round to determine the order in which they choose a path through adventure cards of increasing difficulty, while also managing resources — adrenaline, ammunition, and gas — to overcome the challenges ahead. In the end, you don’t have to be faster than the zombies — you just have to be faster than your friends!

GTM #196 - Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Organized Play
by WizKids/NECA

Civil War breaks out in Marvel HeroClix starting in June 2016! The Superhuman Registration Act has divided the heroes (and villains) of the Marvel Universe — whose side will you be on when you face off against your friends and former allies in the Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Storyline Organized Play (OP) Event Series?

Marvel HeroClix: Civil War is a four-month Storyline Organized Play Event series— featuring all-new and unique content based upon the Marvel Comics Civil War storyline— that will both divide and unite HeroClix players around the world as they choose to fight alongside Iron Man and other Pro-Registration heroes or join forces with Captain America and his band of Anti-Registration vigilantes.

Each month, players build teams using Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Storyline Organized Play Booster Packs and compete to win limited edition Marvel HeroClix: Civil War figures—in addition to drafting the figures that are pulled from the booster packs and played during the event. The first three months of the event series will be structured as individual 4-player “Battle Royale” games with the last month being structured as a 3-round, head-to-head Swiss pairing tournament. At the end of the event series, players will draft based on their overall event standing from a selection of exclusive, limited edition Marvel HeroClix: Civil War figures.

The Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Storyline Organized Play Event series brings a new play experience to HeroClix Storyline Organized Play as well as some new features from previous HeroClix Storyline OP Event series— below is a quick synopsis of what is new and different in the Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Storyline Organized Play Event series:

  • Battle Royales — the first three months of the event series are structured so that the tournament games are run as 4-player, free-for-all, “Battle Royale” games
  • Faction Drafting — players choose to be on the Pro- or Anti-Registration faction and will draft figures of their faction to play
  • Support Packs — each Marvel HeroClix: Civil War booster brick includes a Support Pack that contains all required organized play material instead of a separate Organized Play (OP) kit
  • Monthly Prize Packs — Players compete to try and win/draft a Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Prize Pack packaged in a blind foil pack which contains a random Limited Edition Prize Figure from a slate of six different Limited Edition Prize Figures
  • Bounty Cards — Bounty Cards can be used for a global game play mechanic that can affect other games in the tournament to help promote a community event feel – Bounty Cards provide a bonus for the player and other players in their faction if they can KO their “Bounty”
  • Grand Prize Draft — instead of one large Grand Prize, the Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Storyline Organized Play Event series offers a selection of exclusive Limited Edition Prize Figures so stores can prize much deeper into their participating player base— in most cases, every player will walk away with a prize!

Each Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Booster Brick contains eight (8) Marvel HeroClix: Civil War 5-figure booster packs as well as one (1) Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Support Pack. Each case of the Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Booster Bricks will support 16 players for both the Battle Royale and Standard Swiss formats. The Marvel HeroClix: Civil War booster packs each contain five (5) figures configured as follows:

  • two (2) Pro-Registration figures (on red HeroClix bases)
  • two (2) Anti-Registration figures (on blue HeroClix bases)
  • one (1) Neutral figure (on standard black HeroClix bases)

Each Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Support Pack contains:

  • two (2) single-figure foil Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Prize Packs with one of six different Limited Edition figures— packaged randomly
  • eight (8) Bounty cards
  • two (2) double-sided HeroClix maps specifically designed to be used as either a standard 2’ x 3’ map or a 2’ x 2’ Battle Royale map

Stores selected to host the Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Storyline Organized Play Event series (speak to your sales representative to see if your store was selected) will be able to schedule their events on the WizKids Information Network (“WIN”) using the official template so players wishing to play in Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Storyline Organized Play Events will be able to find the host stores local to them.

Quantities are limited and the program will only be offered while supplies last!  Order your Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Booster Bricks today to ensure you are ready for the most exciting organized play event of the year! All Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Storyline Organized Play product, including boosters and prizes, is covered by the WizKids Promotional Product Licensing Agreement and are marked “NOT FOR RESALE” and may only be used to support in-store play.

If your store is selected as a host and you are looking for ways to promote the Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Storyline Organized Play Event series in your store, there are standees available through your distributor and posters will be added to the Marketing Resources page in the More+ tab of the WIN.

With that said, we would like to continue previews of the Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Storyline Organized Play Booster Brick with the Anti-Registration leader, Captain America #001!

To read more about the Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Storyline Organized Play Event series, visit the Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Storyline Organized Play Event series webpage at www.heroclix.com/civilwar.