GTM #192 - Cover Story


Cover Story

The Spoils in 2016

Ungodly Mess! Celebrate a decade of card play decadence with a smorgasbord of awesome The Spoils product primed for release this year!

by Arcane Tinmen


GTM #192 - Features

Fighting in the Ophidian Arenas

Go with the Flow! Seek fame, fortune, and adulation in Ophidian 2035, Hack and Slash’s brutal, fast-paced deck-building game of futuristic gladiatorial combat.

by Mim Paquin

Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Faerun Under Siege


Lloth, the Spider Queen! Bahamut, the King of Dragons! Drizzt Do'Urden! Test your mettle against the friends, foes, and fiends of the Forgotten Realms in Faerun Under Siege, the second epic expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters.

by WizKids/NECA