Cover Story

Level 7 [Invasion]

Resistance is NOT Futile! Thwart an alien invasion in this standalone game for the Level 7 series.

by Privateer Press


XCOM: The Board Game

Based on the acclaimed video game series! You are humanity’s last line of defense against alien transgressors in XCOM: The Board Game!

by Fantasy Flight Games

Pathfinder: Monster Codex

Take Monsters Beyond the Basics! Check out these ghoulish samplings clawed from the pages of the upcoming Pathfinder supplement, Monster Codex!

by Paizo Publishing

Sheriff of Nottingham

Be Honest! Be Crafty! Stand eye-to-eye with the Sheriff of Nottingham, Arcane Wonders’ exciting game of bluffing, bribery, and smuggling!

by Arcane Wonders